“Your BS/MD Admissions Game Plan” is a blog series created by Dr. Paul Lowe that discusses BS/MD Admissions.  With such a competitive environment and the immeasurable value and benefits of BS/MD programs, the need for an admissions game plan is ESSENTIAL.

At BS/MD Admissions, we discern that many students and parents are clueless about what to do, when to do it, where to do it, who to contact, and why do it.  They fail to discover what they are doing that’s wrong, or they discover what they’ve been doing is wrong when it’s too late!

When considering a BS/MD program, we advise our clients to PLANPLANPLAN, and then re-PLAN.  Early planning and goal-setting are important in the long run for admissions success!

High School Juniors: Time to Get Serious About BS/MD Plans

If you are a high school junior or your son or daughter is a high school junior and you are thinking about applying to direct BS/MD programs, it’s time to get really serious about either planning or implementing your plans.

You should be maintaining the high GPA, loading up on AP courses, developing extracurricular activities that will help you stand out, shadowing doctors, delving into meaningful research, volunteering and thinking about obtaining meaningful and supportive letters of recommendations and planning for standardized tests. For most students (even with the help of their parents), this is effortless. They read books, look at videos or visit college forum-type websites which they believe may provide personalized answers for them.

Many parents who call us (and whose children are performing the above and have the below profile profile) then believe that their child is a shoo-in for BS/MD programs and just need “some” advice.

Here is the typical BS/MD applicant-student profile of students when parents contact us:

  • Ethnicity: Asian/Indian American
  • GPA: 3.9 (UW) 4.6 (W)
  • ACT: 35
  • SAT: 1550
  • SAT Subject Tests: Bio: 780 Math: 800 Chem: 760 US History: 750
  • APs: usually 10 -14 classes
  • Honors/Awards: several
  • Teacher/Counselor Recommendations: Good
  • Volunteer: Several organizations
  • Shadowed Doctors: 2-3
  • Extracurricular Activities: Several
  • Published a paper: 1-2
  • Laboratory Research: Participated and/or possibly published

With all of the above you would believe that this student will definitely be accepted – WRONG! This is only half of the equation!

Here’s a list of factors that we know to help our clients gain acceptance to BS/MD programs

  1. Student CHARACTER – Personality counts! What’s your “je ne sais quoi”?
  2. The HOOK – If you don’t have a hook, the admissions committee will not grab you!
  3. The STORY – It’s all about the story and how it’s framed! No good story, no acceptance!
  4. Common Application: PERSONAL STATEMENT – Meaningful, well-written and convincing personal statement needed. No flow, harmony, tone combined with gravitas – rejection!
  5. COLLEGE-SPECIFIC SUPPLEMENTALS – Must complement and synergize with personal statement. All the school-specific essays are important, even the 50 word-count answers!
  6. COLLEGE-SPECIFIC-BS/MD ESSAYS – The “Why doctor essay?” “I want to help people”: a plumber does that!
  7. COLLEGE APPLICATION VIDEO ESSAY – Schools are seriously viewing these videos. Did we say Brown PLME!
  8. The effective and bold RESUME – It’s not just a resume. It has to be framed correctly or it looks boring!
  9. WOW FACTOR – What’s your WOW Factor? How and when can you use it to WOW admissions? You want the admissions committee to say “WOW! We want this applicant on our campus.”
  10. INTERVIEWS – You may be all that on paper (grades, SATs recommendations, volunteering to save the world, 1000 hours of shadowing, however, one incorrect word or statement in an interview results in a rejection – That’s right, just one!
  11. The KNOW-HOW. So, you really believe it’s just (1-10)? You need the Know How: How do you do the right-things the right-way and with the right-people at the right-time? Our proprietary-knowledge, unmatched experience, and years of close working relationships with admissions professionals ensures that you do it right!

If you know how to plan, develop and implement (1-10) and how they are used in BS/MD admissions – that’s wonderful!!! But if you don’t, there is an increased risk that you and your child will make irrevocable mistakes that will cause instant rejections to all schools. Would you want this to happen after your years of planning as a parent and your child’s hard work?

The parents who retain Dr. Paul Lowe and his team of consultants may take risks in business and investments, but not risks in their children’s educational future – to become a medical doctor. The ones who do take risks in their children’s education – 95% of them bet WRONG!

Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe is the managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group network.  He and his team of admissions advisors, through the admissions affiliate, BS/MD Admissions Advisors, help high school students get accepted to BS/MD programs.

Our over 20 years of advisory admissions experience and long-standing professional relationships with admissions officers provide us with the tool-kit of strategies and knowledge to help our clients successfully navigate the BS/MD Admissions process in the COVID-19 landscape.

Our advice PROTECTS you against irrevocable mistakes you may make during your admissions journey and on your college and BS/MD program applications and essays.

We help your child navigate the BS/MD Admissions process!