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When parents of high school students call our offices inquiring about BS/MD programs, the first question I explore with them is why they are calling about our services if they already have a high school counselor?  Their response is usually 2-fold.  (1) The high school counselor is overwhelmed with many students.  (2) The high school counselor is not a physician-scientist and lacks the knowledge in preparation, specifically for BS/MD programs.

US Dept of Education (2017) reported that the student-to-public school ratio is on average, 455 students to 1 school counselor.

Because of the increasing hyper-competition to get into BS/MD Programs, many families feel overwhelmed and stressed by this particular type of specialized college admissions process.  Moreover, the process can seem so complex that families may want the assistance, resources and knowledge of an (physician-scientist) expert who focuses on BS/MD programs and who spends more time and individualized attention than school college counselors are able to provide. 

Many parents and students discover too late (when their children do not receive BS/MD interview offers or receive rejection letters) in the BS/MD college admissions process that they should have hired a BS/MD admissions expert.

Benefits of a BS/MD Admissions Advisor:

  • An educational consultant who is a physician-scientist.
  • Provides one-on-one BS/MD program guidance and counseling.
  • Provides continuous comprehensive year-round admissions services.
  • Provides recommendations for research and shadowing opportunities and advise on appropriate student-driven research publications.
  • Provides traditional college and essay guidance and assistance as well as BS/MD supplemental essay guidance and assistance.
  • Provides traditional college interview preparation as well as BS/MD (MMI-type) interview preparation.
  • Develop strategies to guide you to your “Best Chance” BS/MD programs based on student’s profile.

INVESTING in a BS/MD admissions advisor is the best strategy for your child’s admissions success to BS/MD programs!



Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe is the managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group network.  He and his team of admissions advisors, through the admissions affiliate, BS/MD Admissions Advisors, help high school students get accepted to BS/MD programs. 

Our BS/MD Admissions practice is specialized: Dr. Lowe and his team only work with parents who understand that the BS/MD admissions process is competitive, who desire help from an admissions expert and who see the value and investment in paying for expert advice through a detailed and ongoing comprehensive admissions advisory service for their child’s dream of becoming a doctor.  He also specializes in helping international students in the BS/MD process. Parents who chose to use our services want to call their son or daughter – “Doctor” when they are seniors in high school.