In the 2021-2022 BS/MD admissions cycle, several clients who were admitted to one or more BS/MD programs stated that Dr. Lowe was a guru.  One student who was admitted to several BS/MD programs recommended that Dr. Lowe name himself the BS/MD Admissions Guru because he AIMS for an A+ Standard.

Guru_Aim_for_an A_plus_Standard_Dr_Paul_Lowe_BS_MD_Admissions_Advisor

How does Dr. Lowe, as a BS/MD Admissions Guru, aim for an A+ Standard that results in the admissions success of his clients?  Here are 10 ways.

1.  Dr. Lowe is cognizant of his clients’ inner most educational needs and goals.

2.  Dr. Lowe values what education (specifically) BS/MD programs will bring.  

3.  Dr. Lowe understands the journey and stages of college and BS/MD admissions.

4.  Dr. Lowe understands the interconnectedness or connectedness during the BS/MD admissions process. 

5.  Dr. Lowe is aware and understands the principle of “Cause and Effect” on a student’s BS/MD admissions decision.

6.  Dr. Lowe sorts through a vast number of possibilities and alternatives to arrive at solutions.

7.  Dr. Lowe focuses on finding answers that lead to positive outcomes.

8.  Dr. Lowe shares his unique wisdom, knowledge, foresight and genuine positive energy with his clients.

9.  Dr. Lowe understands that education develops one’s nature and determines one’s future.

10. Dr. Lowe creates opportunities where there seem to be no opportunities.

Continuous Weekly Meetings (CWM) with Dr. Lowe

Because admissions intelligence involves the ability to plan and to know when to change effectively, clients work directly with Paul R. Lowe, M.D. by participating in continuous weekly parent-student-Dr. Lowe SKYPE/ZOOM meetings. What’s the result of these strategic game plan meetings?  Acceptances to BS/MD programs!


Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe is the managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group network.  He and his team of admissions advisors, through the admissions affiliate, BS/MD Admissions Advisors, help high school students get accepted to BS/MD programs. 

Our BS/MD Admissions practice is specialized: Dr. Lowe and his team ONLY work with parents who understand that the BS/MD admissions process is highly competitive and thus desire help from an admissions expert. They appreciate the value and investment in paying for expert advice consisting of a detailed and ongoing comprehensive admissions advisory service for their child’s dream of becoming a doctor.  He also specializes in helping international students in the BS/MD process. Parents who chose to use our services want to call their son or daughter – “Doctor” when they are seniors in high school.